Audition Inspiration: Will Rogers Follies

Confession:  I started looking up songs for this show because I had an audition for it myself.  I figured I might as well share the wealth.  The show opened in 1991, but since the show takes place in the 1920's, it sounds older.  The music is Cy Coleman, but the lyrics were done by Comden and Green.  

Also if you've never seen Tommy Tune's Our Favorite Son, stop everything and watch this.

(You can cut to 3:47.)


Are you back?  Good.  Okay, moving on. 

So even though this show came out in 1991, do not, I repeat, DO NOT sing a song from other musicals that came out that year, such as (notably) Miss Saigon.  It's simply not appropriate.  You're better off mining Comden and Green's older materials or "throwback" musicals from the 80s/90s, such as Me and My Girl, which is another show that sounds older than it is.  The biggest parts, obviously, are Betty and Will, but the chorines and cowboys need to be able to sing as well.  There are some serious soprano notes in the show.  Don't believe me?  Then you haven't watched the above.  Go back and watch it now. 

You're welcome. 

1.  Thinking of Him from Curtains

2.  Leaning on a Lamppost from Me and My Girl

3.  Heart from Damn Yankees

4.  Another Op'nin, Another Show from Kiss Me, Kate 

5.  Old-Fashioned Wedding from Annie Get Your Gun

6River in the Rain from Big River

7.  With Every Breath I Take from City of Angels

8.  Fight the Dragons from Big Fish

9.  Boy, What Love Has Done to Me from Girl Crazy

10.  I Can't Be Bothered Now from Crazy for You