Everyone needs a strong support system in the City.  If you're new to New York, and still figuring out who your People are, you can borrow some of mine in the meantime.  These are people whose work I recommend 100%.  They can be found on Twitter or Facebook, or PM The City Audition FB page and I will get you their details. 


Sara Jean Ford

When she's not playing Christine on Broadway or gigging somewhere amazing, Sara Jean Ford offers vocal lessons and coaching, usually in conjunction with David Austin.  (See below.)  Equal emphasis on technique and artistry in a friendly, supportive environment. 

David Austin

David Austin wrote the music to Broadway-bound Beaches.   (Wait, isn't that just Wind Beneath My Wings?  No.  The original material is gorgeous, click on the link to his name.)  He's very busy these days, but not too busy to take a few prodigies under his wing.  His coaching includes original audition cuts and transpositions.  Plus, he's one of the nicest people ever.  


Madelyn Rubinstein

If you have an audition and need to learn a song fast, Madeyln's your person.   For a very reasonable fee, she will play both the accompaniment and the melody line of a song and email them to you.  Ask her about her weekly "Song Gym," where performers descend upon her Central Park apartment to "work out" (like in a gym) their audition material.  


Leo Ash Evens

While Leo's primary focus is on teens auditioning for college, his high placement rate at top schools such as CCM and Carnegie Mellon validates his keen diagnostic eye.  With emphasis on acting and preparedness, Leo's focused feedback has guided me through the audition jungle for years.  He is a talented actor and voice over artist who is widely respected and well connected in the theatre community.  


Laura Rose

Brace yourself when you click on the link to Laura's website.  She is not cheap.  However, for consistently terrific photos that meet and exceed the industry standard, go to Laura Rose.  If you are working with a headshot that was not taken in New York City, she's worth the splurge.  You need your headshot to look as sexy and current as possible.  Laura Rose gets the job done.  (And yes, you DO need that required make up artist.  You won't regret it.)

Laura Marie Duncan

When it comes to Laura Marie Duncan, I don't even know where to begin.  I love her so much!  (Confession:  she shot my wedding.)  Laura Marie is an actress who left a very successful career when she discovered that she absolutely loved photography and that she had a talent for shooting portraits.  Since then she's shot everything from my wedding to Celia Keenan-Bolger's wedding to Sutton Foster's headshots.  You will love Laura.  She's a theatre person, one of our tribe.  She has a knack for making everyone feel gorgeous, comfortable and respected.  The only thing about Laura Marie is she is HELLA busy these days.  (Rumor has it Audra couldn't get her for her wedding...) so book well in advance.  This is someone to look up maybe BEFORE you get to the City.

Figjam Headshots

Francis Hills, owner and proprietor of Figjam Headshots, used to work in editorial before switching to headshots.  His work is focused, sophisticated, and simple.  Figjam is definitely the most economical choice listed here-- his "Face to Market" package will only set you back $399-- but he still delivers a high-quality product.  Remember, your headshot should look like you on a really good day. 


The Center for the Performing Artist at New York Presbyterian/Weill-Cornell

This mecca for the performing artist specializes in diagnosing and treating medical disorders that pertain to the performing artist in particular.  The center partners with the Parker Institute for the Voice, where some of the City's top voice doctors reside.  But they don't just stop there.  The Center provides care for ENT problems, mental health issues, musculoskeletal injuries, movement disorders, and pulmonary conditions.   So they are the people to call when you think you're going crazy AND if you're losing your voice.  Since insurance in America can be a nightmare, call Lucy at 646-962-4737 or Nancy at 646-962-ARTS to see how they can help with procedures that may not be covered.  


Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic

Most AEA members know about the Al Hirschfeld Clinic, but many actors who are new to the City don't.  Fact:  you don't have to be a union member to be seen for free at the Clinic.  You just have to be uninsured or underinsured and be able to provide supporting documentation of your work in the entertainment industry.  Even if you have insurance that requires that you pay an enormous deductible before it kicks in, you can also be seen at the Clinic for FREE.  It is a godsend.  Whether you need a Z-pack or a birth control prescription , the Al Hirschfeld Clinic, located at 475 West 57th Street, is the place to go.  The place is clean, the doctors are kind, the staff is efficient, and you don't have to explain to the nurse why you haven't been on Broadway yet.  


Peyton Royal, www.websitelines.com

Peyton Royal is a self-taught website designer who can dance like the dickens.  He works specifically with Broadway and theatre artists, so he is aware of what our needs are and is a dream to work with.  He works quickly and efficiently, checks his email regularly and genuinely enjoys what he does.  He's wonderful to work with.  And yes, you do need a website.